Sinwise Farms


Branding and packaging design for Sinwise Farms, a family-owned coffee and chai producer with sustainability and heart at their core.



In early 2019, Joshua Chemparathy reached out with an inquiry for branding for a little grassroots chai and coffee company called Sinwise Farms. As I learned more about him, his family, and their incredible farm and property in Kerala, India, I knew this was going to be a special project, tying together themes of sustainability, direct trade and ethical sourcing, tradition, and community. 

My original logo design for Sinwise Farms, featuring custom hand-lettering.
An illustrated pattern with the Sinwise Farms logo in the middle.
An early pattern concept featuring several spot illustrations of ingredients that go into Sinwise Farms' chai blend.

We worked together to develop the foundations of his brand, including an expressive wordmark logo and custom stamp inspired by Kathakali characters. The brand identity also encompassed evocative illustrations of various ingredients and components of their signature chai blend, such as cardamom and anise. All branding elements are tied back to a rich and well-saturated color palette, inspired by the earthy organic tones and biodiverse landscape of Kerala.

As a tribute to Joshua's parents, we decided to feature the two of them looking out across the vast landscape of Kerala on the can label. They were reportedly very pleased. :)

Joshua has since launched the Sinwise Farms brand to great success, landing a poignant feature in the San Francisco Chronicle, and fostering positive relationships across the Bay Area with local retailers like Berkeley Bowl and Bi-Rite. I'm honored to have been a small part of this company's journey, and am very excited to see where Joshua takes Sinwise Farms from here!

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